Whether it’s just a few sessions or an ongoing commitment, partnering with a Certified Personal Trainer is a fantastic idea. People work with trainers for a number of reasons, from simply getting the basics on fitness routines and nutrition, all the way to very sport-specific training. Regardless of your goal, a Personal Trainer will help you get there faster.  With a Personal Trainer to guide and encourage you, you’ll be amazed by your improved fitness level, focus, energy level, and general well-being.

Personal Training


Personal Training Rates
$90 single session
$425 5-session package
$800 10-session package

Buddy Training (2 members)
$140 single session ($70/member)
$675 5-session package ($337.50/member)
$1300 10 session package ($650/member)

Dante Rodrigues
Dante RodriguesPersonal Trainer