We are excited to announce our live outdoor Group X classes!  During this temporary COVID-19 time frame we will be switching to a pay-per-class model. Class enrollment is open to both Bladium members and non-members. Join us today.


Great vibe at the Bladium.

Where can you weight train with a view of the bay? You can cool off with a breeze right off the bay through an open werehouse window. I love how much is going on too. Soccer games to watch while you run on a treadmill makes it way more fun. They have great rock climbing available as well. The locker room is clean as well. No complaints.

Jared A., Alameda, CA

This is the perfect venue for big birthday parties.

We had about 50-60 kids and adults at our last party. All of them were shocked at how amazing the venue was. The party well smoothly and we were very happy with the event. On a separate but important note, work with Tee any chance you get. She’s extremely professional, has a great sense of urgency, is easy with work with and knows how to get shit done. Her manager, Sujay, does a wonderful job of recognizing and fostering strong talent. Bad/Good service can make or break even the best venues. I’m really glad to see how much it lends to an already amazing space. Great work Bladium team!! Really well done.

Shreya C., San Francisco, CA

Bottom line: go here

Affordable, great class selection, large workout areas, and decent locker rooms (steam room!). Not luxurious, but good facility for the price.

K R., Alameda, CA

I like this place a lot.

Friendly staff, well-maintained facilities, numerous group classes, lots of equipment, and tons of space. It sometimes gets noisy when youth soccer games are going on, but I don’t mind.

Average J., Oakland, CA

I like how it’s a warehouse for a variety of full gymnasium fitness!

Treadmills, soccer field, and you name it -it’ll be there!  Great for weekend classes and everyday activities for kids and adults! My sister hosted her boy, my nephew’s 4th birthday, here on the soccer indoor field!  It was quite nice and different from the typical birthday bashes I’ve been to before (but probably because it was my only and only baby boy birthday)!  You get to put an air filled slide on the field, tables for lunch later in the afternoon and play soccer with staff members that coordinates the games with the kids!  It’s a great outing in a way that the parents don’t have to quite do the activities themselves and let the kids loose to do whatever they want. Fun and fulfilling day!  Get your fitness in whatever activity!  Go, go, go!

Tiffany D., San Francisco, CA