Mind Body classes use breathing, focus, and simple movements to help increase flexibility, strength and reduce stress. Exercises like yoga and barre can help decrease pain, discomfort, anxiety, all while enhancing the quality of sleep, strengthen the immune system, and increase a sense of control and well-being.


A total body workout to strengthen, lengthen and stretch for a long a lean physique.

Barre: Developed from a Ballet background, combines low impact exercise with use of the barre, 1-3 lb dumbbells, squishy balls, bands and gliders. All levels welcome.

SoulBody Barre: A Barre program with a progressive, cutting-edge, athletic-style of movement. Target each part of the body using balls, resistance bands and weights; then bring the heart rate up with the signature ‘cardio surge’ sequence to burn calories. Choose from multiple levels of work to tailor this workout to you! all levels welcome.


All classes use postures, breathing and meditative awareness to align body & limber-up the spine. A powerful tool for stress management & relaxation. Gentle inversions, calming work, and props can be used. All levels welcome.

Inferno Hot Yoga: Done in a warm room environment (70-85 degrees).

Vinyasa Yoga: Continuous flow of postures and sequences.

Anusara Yoga: Tantric approach to balance and alignment.

Yoga Strength:Building strength through yoga training.

Hatha Yoga: Classical yoga postures and practice.

A class that reinforces flexibility, joint stability, and strength combining the best of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. Bring the mind and body into perfect harmony with a revolutionary, holistic approach. Express formats are reduced time. All levels welcome.